Jumpstart are looking for Student Ambassadors to join our team to help us spread the word about Jumpstart at your university🧑‍🎓.

Our mission? To get exceptional people into start-ups. Your mission? Encourage more students from your university to sign-up to the Jumpstart Student Community (JSC) 💯

Who we are

Jumpstart was created to flip the job search on its head. Our founders Kabir & Matthew set out with a hunch that grads were getting increasingly tired of sleepwalking 😴 into corporate schemes and that startups could provide a far more energetic and fulfilling career, giving graduates huge responsibility early, with exponential room for growth 🚀. We’ve since proven this hunch right. ✔️

The Jumpstart Student Community

We recently launched the Jumpstart Student Community🏆. To date, the community has just over 300 members! It is essentially a place where any student interested in the entrepreneurial space has access to resources + advice needed to break into the startup world, be that via Jumpstart or otherwise. 💞The Community is on a WhatsApp group, that members complete a 1 min form to get access to. Jumpstart provides easily digestible news from the startup world, top tips and tricks, training, and networking events with the UK’s thriving startup community 🚀. You even get access to a direct line to their team📞, so you can ask any questions you might have about breaking into the startup world, from CV advice through to choosing the right role! In addition, you get access to our notion page, with all the resources you might need to upskill whilst at Uni and prepare you for the startup world. From a library 📚 of books/articles/podcasts recommended by top founders, through to access to top startup pitch decks, tips & tricks as well as internship opportunities 💯!

The Role 💼

-You’re mission, should you choose to accept.

We understand that student life is complex and busy, and some weeks, you might not be able to commit time and effort to us. That’s okay! We’ve based everything around deliverables, so when we say “You’re mission, should you choose to accept” we mean it! 💗

-We now want to triple our graduate intake. 📈 We typically get on average 3000 applicants a month, and select 30 a month, but if we want to triple the number we select, we also need to triple the number we select from😮. This means we need students like you to help us spread the word about Jumpstart. This will involve thinking creatively and coming up with lots of your own ideas💡, but at the beginning we’ll also have some ideas to get you started.

-Events + Marketing 💋

You’re goal is to get sign-ups to the Jumpstart Student Community. We’ve learned one of the best ways to spread the word is via events on campus. You’re main mission as an Ambassador is to (a) organise + execute these events and (b) market the JSC however else you can. We can provide the content for events, from workshops to panel discussions, we’ve got that covered. We can also bring in top founders, Jumpstart Alumni who have gone through the process recently of leaving Uni and joining a top-startup etc 💥

Our rough target per Ambassador is 100 signups over the course of their tenure 🎯

We’re looking for proactive, sociable people, who are diligent and who will work efficiently with our team. We do not want to waste your time⏳. Instead, we want you to work smart so you can manage this role alongside your degree, all whilst having a great time at Uni! 🎢